Enviro Surface Removers is an Alberta-based local business. We have more than 30 years of experience in the floor covering and floor removal business. We also have a background in Renovation & Demolition Projects.
We have a proven track record of providing Virtually Dust-Free Floor Removal & Concrete Grinding Services to Homeowners & Contractors alike. Our vast knowledge could help your project avoid unforeseen issues before they might happen since many companies simply forget or omit to tell you of any issues that could arise. Day-in and day-out, we focus on ensuring we always exceed our customers’ expectations.
We provide the following services:
We are a benefit to both home & business owners, as well as the contractor doing the job. Contractors can now concentrate on what they do best and our virtually dust-free floor removal services enables them to do another project or two each week as they no longer have the headache of having to do the floor removal & preparation because we leave them with a fresh, reno-ready floor surface when they come back to install the new flooring.
We provide services for commercial and residential projects like Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Airports, Grocery Stores, etc. We go out of our way to do the job virtually dust-free.
Dust is the new Asbestos! Silicosis is a deadly lung disease from breathing in dust and it is not curable.
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