Hardwood floors are attached to a plywood base called sub-floor with either nails or glue. Most often floors are both glued and nailed down to avoid the squeaking noise of floors. Removing hardwood without damaging the subflooring by understanding and determining the structural integrity of your subfloor is a crucial part of this process.
We show up with an experienced crew & specialized equipment to get the job done fast and do it right the first time. You won’t even know we were there. We will do the job faster and leave your home or business, as clean, or even cleaner than it was when we got there. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Our state of the art equipment & experienced crews are able to do:

  • Hardwood Removal
  • Residential Carpet & Underpad Removal
  • Commercial Carpet & Mastic Removal
  • Concrete Grinding & Leveling
  • Tile Removal – Ceramic Tile Removal
  • Marble Tile Removal
  • Slate Tile Removal
  • Porcelain Tile Removal
  • Thinset Removal
  • and most all other Tile Removal

Don’t leave your Hardwood Floor Removal & Disposal job to someone that has less experience or uses inferior equipment. Your home or business will be covered in dangerous & unsightly dust that could ruin your televisions, computers, electronics, shutters as well as your expensive office equipment.


#1 Rated Surface Removal Company

Enviro Surface Removers Inc
Floor Removal – Residential & Commercial
Head Office: 202 Douglas Woods Hill SE,
Calgary, Ab T2Z 3B1
PH: 403.874.3000 Fax: 403.974.3299
Calgary: 403-874-3000
Edmonton: 780-977-2444
Vancouver: 604-328-9300
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