There is no satisfaction greater than a customer leaving a review after a hard days work showing their approval of a job well done. This gives us our passion and is the reason we do what we do. Here are some Floor Removal Reviews from some of the customers we had the pleasure of working for:

There are 71 Customer Reviews.


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Chantal, Calgary
August 6, 2015

Ceramic Tile & Lino K3 Removal

Enviro did such an amazing job on our floors – removed the ceramic tile and K3 in a few rooms. I could not believe how dustless this process was and how amazing our floors looked after they were done. They look brand new! The crew was very professional and took a lot of care in their process. They were done in 2 days which was wonderful! The owner Blair is exceptional…very dedicated to providing quality work and the best customer service I’ve ever experienced! I highly recommend them to anyone doing a renovation. Having this quality of work done alleviated so much stress during our renovation. ~ Chantal, Calgary

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Justine & Rob, Calgary
September 6, 2015

Floor Tile Removal

In August, 2015 Enviro Floor Removal took out approximately 500 sqft of floor tile and removed an acrylic shower insert. Soon after the job started it was discovered my tile floor was not only 100% glued down but also nailed. It proved to be a much more difficult job than originally thought. I cannot say enough about the hard working members of Enviro Floor Removal. It was so refreshing to have a company so up on time and work meticulously and diligently to get the job done. Blair and Bob (owners) made sure the job was completed on time and on budget. Senior, Junior and Darco (employees) took care of my home while removing my tile and after the job was completed made sure my house was clean as a whistle. I highly recommend Enviro Floor Removal. Thanks again! ~ Justine and Rob, Calgary

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Al, Calgary
June 17, 2015

Floor Tile Removed

Enviro, removed my kitchen tile and had to grind off all the thinset. Nasty work that took 2 guys 5 hours. Thanks again, you really helped me out. I highly recommend them for any hard to do floor project.~ Al, Calgary

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Hugh M.
May 12, 2015

The job this company did for me was fantastic! Punctual to start, used poly on everything to keep clean, removed and repaired everything I needed, took garbage and then dusted and swept. Was a great experience overall and would gladly recommend them for jobs like this.~ Hugh M., Calgary

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Kurt Davis, Calgary
May 5, 2015

Lino & Subfloor Removal

The quality of the job surpassed my expectations. The floor looks new and every square inch was done. They vacuumed and kept dust to a minimum. Great crew and a big thanks! ~ Kurt Davis, Calgary

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Marie D. , Sturgeon County
April 21, 2015

Marble Tile & In-Floor Heating Removal

Recently I had researched on-line to find a tile removal company that would remove about 170 square feet of 1X1 marble tile and a wired in-floor heating system as well. I have a very serious lung condition and needed the work done quickly and as dust free as possible.

We found Enviro Surface Removers and when I had phoned, I was very glad to speak to a person, not a machine. Blair Berg was more than accommodating and understanding and within a week, a crew of four came out to our home, on time and ready to go straight to work with taping off areas with plastic sheets and setting up bins to haul out the tile etc…

Within a few hours they had completely removed all the tile and wire debris, hauled it down the stairs and out to their trailer. They had cleaned up perfectly and even vacuumed everything. Our sub-floor was very clean and our home was amazingly dust free! Just amazing!

We are so grateful for the workers and their fast, efficient, polite, and diligent work ethic. We highly recommend them and would definitely use them again! ~ Marie D. – Sturgeon County

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R. Kohl, Calgary
April 13, 2015

Tile Removal & Floor Leveling

Enviro Surface removers did a great job in removing the tile flooring with minimal disturbance and dust. Hired them again to level the floor after uncovering some more surprises in the basement. They came back and did a great job with the floor leveling and respecting some of the constrainst I had with overall height. ~R. Kohl, Calgary

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Fred & Annemarie S., Calgary
March 24, 2015

Slate & Lino Removal

Within 5 days Blair came to our house, gave a quote and assigned a crew to remove our floors. To say this was a tough task is an understatement. 110 sq ft of slate embedded in deep mortar and 460 sq ft of 4 layers of kitchen flooring: Lino, plywood, (old) lino and K3. The crew in our house was professional, courteous and extremely hard work working. They arrived with state of the art equipment but also rolls of plastic to tape everything off to minimize the dust. After the job was completed the crew thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned with a special industrial machine (no shop-vac here). We were extremely happy with the work performed and would definitely use Enviro Floors again will highly recommend Blair and his crew to our friends and family.~Fred & Anne Marie S., Calgary

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Y. Matson, Calgary
March 20, 2015

Floor Leveling

I got very professional help and advice from Enviro Surface, they saved me thousands of dollars. Then they came to level my floor and had the honest and integrity to let me know that the floor was very good, that it didn’t need their services. I was impressed and thankful.~Y. Matson, Calgary

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Elsie B., Calgary
March 6, 2015

Tile Removal

Mike and James were punctual, very professional and accommodating to meet my specific allergic needs during the removal of ceramic tiles in my main floor bathroom and foyer. The process proved to be more challenging than anticipated as the tiles were installed 35 years ago on particleboard that had been attached to the underlying plywood with screws and nails. Besides taking precautions to protect the furniture and seal off other areas of the house from the open area, the clean up at the end of each day was thoroughly done to ensure safety. I also received excellent advise on an environmentally safe product when I asked how to remove a plant stain on my marble fireplace I would highly recommend Enviro Surface Removers for any tile removing project..~Elsie B., Calgary

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Flordilia & Gustavo
March 4, 2015

We hired ENVIRO SURFACE REMOVERS INC ., to take care of the removal of approximately 650 sq. feet of heavy Mexican red clay tile and thinset, lino and subfloor. Blair Berg and his partner Bob Logan took control of the job and they delivered what they promised. They had a very nice friendly group who showed up on time and worked professionally and tireless from start to finish ; the job was finished in 1 1/2 days. The subfloor of the kitchen was heavy glued and thanks to their good work and specialized equipment it’s gone now. Enviro Surface Removers did and amazing dustless job and we’re glad with the results. They did a good vacuum clean job before they left. When the job was completed Blair came back to our place to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. They really know their business, do not hesitate to contact them when needed . Great job….. thanks!!!. Flordilia & Gustavo

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Jacqui Hall, Calgary
February 22, 2015

Ceramic Tile Removal

We were very happy with our services from Enviro. Very easy to get a hold of, pleasant to talk to, and fit us in, no problem, with quite short notice. They arrived exactly on time, were very organized and very efficient. I was amazed how well they all worked as a team to get the job done in one morning. We had 475 ft2 of ceramic tile to be removed from our kitchen, laundry, hallway, bathroom including many tricky closets, pantry, etc.. They did a fabulous job at keeping the dust down and my daughter and I were able to stay in the house the entire time. The floor afterward looked amazing. Good as a newly prepped floor. And everything was spotless. Dust leftover was minimal. Would highly recommend these guys to remove even the toughest tile floors. Price was very reasonable. Owner came in afterward to introduce himself and offered some great tips with regards to our new floor. Very happy all around 🙂 Thanks Enviro!!! ~ Jacqui Hall, Calgary

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Fred B, Calgary
December 5, 2014

We have a 14 year old home, and we decided to replace our back entrance lino with tile. We picked out the tile, booked the tile installer, and my job was to remove the lino. I am a pretty handy guy and I removed the lino off the subfloor without much difficulty. However, I also needed to remove the thin layer of what is called K3 subfloor that the builder put under the lino (it is basically particle board) so that our new tile would be at the same height as the existing hardwood. This is where I ran into big problems. It took me about an hour to remove 1 sq. foot of this K3 with my tools. With 150 sq ft, I wasn’t gonna spend that kind of time removing subfloor. I looked on HomeStars and found Enviro Surface Removers. I phoned Blair and he said he could come the following week. What a lifesaver! His crew was professional, on time, detailed, and did exactly what they promised. (Thank you also to HomeStars). I have included some photos. For whatever reason, the amount of glue that the builder used on the K3 was totally nuts. It took Blair and his team take almost all day, but they got it removed. The tile installer came a few days later and said he’d never seen such a nicely prepped floor. I totally recommend Enviro Surface Removers and will in fact get them back when we do the same thing in our bathrooms. Thanks again Enviro Surface Removers! ~ Fred B, Calgary

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D. Friesen, Calgary
November 3, 2014

I had Enviro Surface Removers come in my home to remove all the tile on the main floor. They discovered lino underneath and took care of that also, then put in a sub floor. The guys were down right awesome. Great attitudes, super professional and great with the kids that kept getting in their way 🙂 I would recommend these guys hands down. 100%. Such an amazing job. Left my home in cleaner than when they showed up. Such pros!!! ~ D. Friesen, Calgary

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Ricco Colinares, Calgary
October 10, 2014

Floor Demo

If you’re looking for a company to demo floors, I highly recommend Enviro Surface Removers. Blair and Bob were professional, honest and they’re crew did a great job. He offered great advise and corrected all the previous owner’s mistakes. I’m a Realtor by trade and will definitely refer this company to my clients. thanks again guys!~ Ricco Colinares, Calgary

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Gerry D., Douglasdale, Calgary
October 10, 2014

Lino & Carpet Removal

The Enviro Team did a fantastic job of removing old Lino and subfloor, as well as clearing out old carpet w/underlay in a very efficient and timely way. The site was cleaner when they left than when they arrived. These guys are Pros!~Gerry D., Douglasdale, Calgary

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Jason Ely, Scholastic (Cgy)
October 7, 2014

Concrete Grinding

Blair and his team came in to grind down 3 concrete slab joints that had been jacked up too high by another company. The joints were approximately 10′ each in length. Blair and his team were on time, friendly professional and did exactly what they said they were going to do. They did a great job and I would not hesitate to hire them again. ~Jason Ely, Scholastic (Cgy)

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Leola Stewart, Calgary
September 30, 2014

Main Floor Lino Removal

this was 700 sq ft of lino that needed to be removed, and the builder used alot of glue!! the guys were amazing with such a stubborn job, and even though it was gruelling, they sing ( Literally 😉 and just ” Get er done” I was very impressed with the positive attitude and the job when finished was nothing short of amazing!! Looked like brand new, and the hardwood company was very happy to have such a floor to lay my new hardwood on!! really can’t say enough good things about Blair and his crew!!~ Leola Stewart, Calgary

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Neil D, Calgary
September 20, 2014

Carpet and Underpad Removal, Surface Preparation, Polyaspartic Coating

I wanted about 500 square feet of carpet out of my basement. I was unsure what kind of surface I wanted however. After some searching around I found Enviro Surface Removers. I talked with Blair and set up an appointment to have the carpet removed and a polyaspartic coating put down. I am so glad that I did. Blair and his crew showed up and got right to work. Quickly the carpet and underpad were gone from my life (didn’t even have to go to the dump). Then the crew prepared the concrete for the new coating with grinding. This even got rid of some old paint that was on the floor. Minimal dust was created, and they even put poly over the clothing in the closet. Next came filling holes and cracks in preparation for the coating. Then the polyaspartic coating went down. I chose a tan colour. I now have a shiny smooth floor, much better than that old carpet. Blair and his crew worked very hard to do the job in the time they told me they would (even on a holiday Monday), and at exactly the price quoted. They even kept me apprised of the steps involved and what would come next. I couldn’t be more happy with the results. Thanks again Blair! Neil D, Calgary

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Wendy H, McKenzie Lake
August 19, 2014

When you want it done right the first time, call Blair at Enviro Surface Removers. He was a pleasure to work with and he went out of his way to fix a very difficult job for us. He and his crew were extremely hard working and perfectionists. They tirelessly sanded and cleaned a very glued on subfloor. His crew arrived on time, worked tirelessly until this very difficult job was done, and cleaned the construction area until it was spotless . The equipment was amazing as it left no dust behind as they worked. I would recommend Blair and his company without hesitation.
` Wendy H., McKenzie Lake, Calgary

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Brenda Kuhn, St. Bonaventure Parish
August 12, 2014

Removal of 14,000 sq ft of Carpet & Adhesive from Church

Enviro Surface Removers Inc. were hired by our carpet supplier to remove the existing 20 year old carpet. They were very professional in their work ethic. Showed up on time, did an excellent job, left their work area tidy and worked until the job was done and done well. Even when it included many hours of manual sanding on a concrete floor to remove all traces of the old glue. ~Brenda Kuhn, St. Bonaventure Parish

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E. Freeman, Calgary
July 24, 2014

Lino and floor removal

Enviro solutions came in at the last minute to save me from what proved to be a very painful task. We had 5 areas in our house that needed to have the linoleum and kmf subfloor removed to get to the true subfloor. After trying for 3 hours, it was barely dented. So, we called enviro solutions. They showed up 36 hours later to help us out. They showed up ON TIME AND PREPARED. The job was done in 3.5 hours. I mean all the areas were done in 3.5 hours and the floor looked like the house was just built. Even our tiler was impressed. Bottom line, you need flooring removed to a brand new type surface, these are the guys to call. -they show up on time -clean up everything with NO DUST RESIDUE. -professional all the way -polite and prompt.~ E. Freeman, Calgary

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Mieka West
July 20, 2014

We had moisture problems in our basement and called in Enviro Surface Removers to take out the multiple layers of flooring, grind down the concrete floor and put down a pure white glossy polyaspartic coating. The same type they use in high end garages. We wanted our basement to look light, like a New York Loft. From this company we received five star service. The level of detail and conscientiousness is truly unique. They take so much pride in their work. The owner went out of his way to make sure we were satisfied and we are. A great company whom I have recommended over and over. If you want to redo any kind of flooring in your house or garage give them a call. And what’s more they were extremely reasonable!~ Mieka West, Calgary

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Kevin C., Langdon
July 12, 2014

K3 and Lino removal

The guys came to do the job, were fast and kept things as clean as possible. The job was done faster than expected and thorough cleanup was performed before they left. Great job, little dust (from a very dusty job) and pleasant respectful gentlemen to deal with. Thanks for your help Blair and team, I almost felt like we were family! ~Kevin C., Langdon

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Heather Jarvis, Calgary
July 11, 2014

Tile/Thinset Removal

The day Blair & his crew were in to remove my tiles/thinset & electric heating, I couldn’t believe what a professional job they did! There was no dust in my house, even though they had to do a lot of grinding. It was as if no one had been in my house, except the floor was missing! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone!!! ~Heather Jarvis, Calgary

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Paul M., Calgary
July 8, 2014

Kitchen Reno Flooring Removal

Enviro Surface Removers was hired to remove 3 layers of existing linoleum, with the original layer dating back to 1961. They were able to fit me in on short notice, the team showed up on time and were able to complete the job in a few hours. The existing plywood sub-floor looked as good as the day it was originally laid down. Fantastic job, good crew. Very happy with the result and overall experience. ~Paul M., Calgary

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S. Lovric., Calgary
July 5, 2014

Hired these folks to remove tile on my basement floor, old bungalow cement floor, also shower wall. They did an absolutely amazing job. Very professional,explained all the work and also address all my concerns. I never felt like they were trying to talk over my head and razzle dazzle me. Rather Complete honesty from day one. Without a doubt this is hands down the best company for tile removal and floor prep in Calgary. ~S. Lovric, Calgary

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K Klatt, Calgary
July 4, 2014

I recently had Enviro Surface Removers at my house to remove approx. 400 ft2 of ceramic tile and thinset. Not only were they on time, fast, clean and courteous to my wife and daughter, but the subfloor was left in better shape than the original!

There was very little dust, no trash or tiles to discard and the floor was in perfect condition for immediate re-surfacing with hardwood. My thanks go out to Blair and his crew for a job well done!~ K Klatt, Calgary

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M. Birklein, Calgary
June 29, 2014

New Floor Finishing

I highly recommend Enviro’s services. We hired Enviro to remove carpeting and marmoleum on two floors of our house and apply a very tricky application in it’s place – polyaspartic (shiny white floors). The floors turned out fantastic. They were perfectionists throughout the process and with the final product. They provide super personable service – they went out of their way and bought us the special floor cleaning machine we needed. We were on a deadline with Christmas and New Years Eve hosted functions at our house, Enviro worked around our schedules tirelessly to get the job done on time. We were very impressed by their commitment – I have never encountered a company more committed to service and quality.~ M. Birklein, Calgary

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Marianne M., Calgary
June 9, 2014

I hired Enviro Surface Removers to do some demolition work for my main floor renovations and was so pleased with their work that I called them back to do the demo work for the basement renovations as well. They removed tiles, hardwood floors, lino, roman style pillars and underlying stub walls, various built-ins, and mirrors (incl. one very large and heavy one that was on the fireplace), and gutted the master bath. Bob has a construction background and is very knowledgeable, and Blair is great at ensuring customer satisfaction. In summary, I thought their pricing was reasonable, the quality of work excellent and customer service second to none. ~ Marianne & Patrick M, Calgary

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Heather MacDonald
June 2, 2014

Tile installer

Slate tile removal on exterior step. Amazing service! The last thing any homeowner or contractor wants to do is remove existing flooring. This job had slate tile mortared to a concrete step. Under the mortar was glue residue from exterior carpet. Blair and Bob quickly cleaned the area down to the bare concrete. I was able Install the new material the same day. My customers are extremely happy with the results. Also, the Calgary Humane Society in the south complimented the Enviro Team on there quick, clean service to remove mortar residual in their front entry to enable them to install their new desk. When I spoke to the volunteer director she said she needed a service to remove the mortar that didn’t make a lot of dust due to the animals that were near by. I of course recommended Enviro. Any jobs I take on that need tile removal, k3, vinyl etc I will definitely use the services of Blair and his Team!!! Thank you!! ~ Heather MacDonald (Tile Installer), Calgary

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Yvonne M., Calgary
May 12, 2014

We were very impressed by the strong work ethic of this local company. The crew were very hardworking and made an excellent job of cleaning up each night; the dust was kept to a minimum with the use of their specialized vacuum. The job took 2 days – a day to remove multiple layers of Lino, subfloors, plywood, nails and adhesive in our kitchen ; a second day to install a new subfloor and help us out with removing tiles and reapplying drywall to our back splash area. The job was vey well managed by Blair, who organized the crew and helped out when needed. We found him to be very knowledgeable and approachable when we needed advise on our kitchen reno. Has to be an A+ from us and a big thank you. ~ Yvonne M., Calgary

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Bob Layton, Edmonton
May 6, 2014

Carpet Glued on Tiles

Removed over 500 sf of tiles with rug glued on top. They were efficient, dust free, and left the concrete free of glue and ready for the new flooring. Excellent job! ~Bob Layton, Edmonton

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D. Sharpe, Calgary
April 25, 2014

It wasn’t cheap but it was worth it if you consider the other options. My initial contact was pleasant and they were very courteous and although they are busy they tried to accommodate my schedule. On the day they were to do the work I had a friend let them in the house so I didn’t even see them but at 5pm that day I received a text from the site foreman to ask me what I thought of the floor. I was blown away, brand new plywood doesn’t look that good!

A couple items to note that were “the icing on the cake”. They stamped the freshly cleaned floor with their company logo so it gave it a “just installed” type of look and although my house is dusty and dirty from the ongoing construction they covered any personal items with plastic so they wouldn’t get dusty. ~ D. Sharpe, Calgary

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G. McCuaig, Calgary
April 15, 2014

Floor Removal in Eau Claire Estates Condo

Blair, Bob and crew were wonderful!! They did an amazing job removing a mix of carpet, hardwood and sticky tile off our floors at a very reasonable cost. The crew are very hardworking and professional. They left our unit clean leaving no trace of them even being here!! Thanks guys!!! ~ G. Mccuaig, Calgary

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Eau Clair Lookout Condominium Corporation
March 5, 2014

The crew worked diligently and were very courteous. Our residents expressed surprise at the lack of disruption to their routines. Blair and each of his staff were all willing to share their knowledge and explain the process. ~ Eau Clair Lookout Condominium Corporation

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Althea W. , Calgary
March 5, 2014

The entire Enviro Surface Removal team did an amazing job in removing the lino from my kitchen floor. Upon removal you could not tell if any flooring had been put down – it looked like the first day the floor was built! In addition the team was very caring by ensuring all furniture in other rooms did not accumulate excessive dust, and there were no strong odors in anyway! I would strongly recommend them for any floor removal and would not hesitate to use them again for any future projects. Thank you Enviro Surface Removal! ~ Althea W. Calgary

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Parzen Construction & Renovations
February 28, 2014

Enviro Surface Removers did a great job removing the thinset left on the floor after we removed the tile, subfloor looked like it was new again. Would recommend them without hesitation. ~ Norbert Parzen

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Carolyn Bailey, Calgary
February 16, 2014

Blair and his workers came in to a job that I had attempted to do myself. (I had no idea what a huge job removing K3 was!!) Blair stopped in to evaluate the job and within 2 days had 6-8 men at at time working non stop to get the floor removed. They were very courteous, clean, and respectful! There was never a concern. When the job was done it looked like a brand new floor!! Ready for my hardwood to be installed. Couldn’t have asked for better.
I would definitely recommend that you hire Enviro to anyone who wants a professional job done. ~ Carolyn Bailey, Calgary

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M & L Morandi, Scenic Acres Nw, Calgary
February 5, 2014

Blair and his crew were great in an out in one day. I would highly recommend them to anyone else that needs floor removal like we had done. ~ M&L Morandi, Scenic Acres NW, Calgary

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M. Striepe, Sundance SE, Calgary
February 5, 2014

Wonderful service! Completed in a day, clean, virtually dust free. Would highly recommend Enviro surface removal service. Ready to install new flooring and backsplash ! Lovely! ~ M. Striepe, Sundance SE, Calgary

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Jen R. – Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport
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Dawn P., Calmar, Ab
January 17, 2014

Excellent service. Prompt, professional, courteous. Knew exactly what they were doing . Would recommend to anyone doing any kind of building removal. ~Dawn P., Calmar, Ab

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R. Shakeri
November 28, 2013

I beleive it was my best decision to start my house renovation with Enviro Surface Removers. These kind of project are always very stressful and starting it with nice and experienced group of people make it easy for you. They were my consultant on every decision that I wanted to make and with Blair and Bob experiences I was correcting my choices. They really care about their clients and always had time to listen to me and pass me their experiences. The quality of their work is excellent, they are working very clean, they covered all of the surrounded area and furnitures, also cleaned and vacume every where before they leave everyday. They hired very polite and respectful team and I recommend them strongly. I beleive if you hire expert ones on every job you will get better services. I am sure that if hardwood or tile installer wanted to remove old lino and tile from my house, it wouldn’t be the same results. These days that I should deal with other groups like painters, tile installer,… on my home, I see how different are they compare to Enviro. The price that they charged me was much lower than the other quote that I’ve got too. They keep their words to start and finish the job on schedule. Thank you Enviro, special thanks to real gentlemans Blair & Bob. ~ R. Shakeri, Calgary

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October 21, 2013

Garry — October 21, 2013

Tile & Thinset Removal – Blair and his team did exactly what they said they would. If you need a firm to remove and dispose of finish flooring especially tile..this is a no brainier quality & economy wise. The job would have taken days and made a mess and we were able to save on the cost of a bin as they disposed of the material, which would have cost $325 + tax. We are a family with 2 small children, the elimination of dust was worth every penny of the service and they were done removing 500 sq feet of tile while salvaging the baseboards in 5 hrs. When my neighbor saw the finish product he asked if the plywood was new…that in a nutshell is what you get and its nice to get a service that is beyond what we expected and my tile setter said he would never have been able to get the thin-set off that well. ~ Garry, Calgary

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Barbara, Calgary
September 24, 2013

I contacted Blair at a very busy time of the year and, although I had to leave a message, I was called back within minutes. In less than a week Blair, James & James arrived and the work was underway. It is a very disruptive process, in general, but James & James made the intrusion minimal. They were quick, yet thorough, and the clean up was well done. I am very satisfied with the process and the work, and will be calling back when it is time to renovate my three bathrooms! Thanks guys for all your efforts!!! ~ Barbara, Calgary

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Leasa Renae Salons, Calgary
August 2, 2013

Concrete Floor Stain & Polish – My tile supplier informed me at the last moment that they had lost my tile and could not confirm when it would be in. I only had a few days before the grand opening of our Braeside salon location. I had Enviro Surface Removers do their dustless tile & thinset floor removal earlier as I didn’t want the dust going through the mall and effecting other tenants. Blair, one of the owners of Enviro had mentioned that they did concrete polishing and the like. Too make a long story short, Blair & his crew worked for 30 hours straight with out stopping and had my floors polished up for the grand opening. I am now so glad that things worked out the way they did as we get so many compliments on our stained & polished floors at our Braeside location. Thanks for saving the day, Enviro! ~ Leasa Renae Salons, Calgary

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John & Donna, Calgary
May 27, 2013

Needed removal of approx 600sqft of ceramic tile on main floor, because of the open concept of the home we were concerned about damage to the floor and surrounding railings, walls, dust was also a concern as it could not be contained to one area, Enviro did an excellent job, when they say little to no dust they mean it, they use state of the art equipment we were very pleased with the result and would not hesitate to recommend them. ~ John & Donna, Calgary

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Linda Pryor, Colloco Interiors, Calgary
May 12, 2013

Blair and Robert performed a miracle on a difficult project. Working with my clients renovating an office space, when the carpet was removed, there were layers of glue and PL on the floor that had to be removed before installing new flooring. After hours of trying to remove it ourselves, I came across Enviro Surface Removers. It was very appealing that the process was going to be truly dust free, as we did not want to have the clean up, or create a mess for others in the building. I was beyond impressed that not only did they manage to remove the glue and PL, but no dust!!! They helped us prep the floor, as the concrete was in bad shape. Robert had excellent knowledge of the issues with the concrete, and great advice on how to proceed. Thanks to the Enviro Team, a great deal of stress disappeared! I have since, and will continue to recommend Enviro to all my clients and Contractors. ~ Linda Pryor, Colloco Interiors, Calga

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Larry F., Calgary
May 4, 2013

These guys are very professional and work very productively. They did everything they said they would do. The project was to remove old tile and drywall from back splash and fireplace, then replace drywall. The second part was to remove tile and sub floor at entrance and closet. The whole sub floor was glued and screwed down and they did a great job at getting it off. They have all kinds of equipment and were as dustless as possible. Over all I was extremely happy with there work and would recommend them to anyone. ~ Larry F., Calgary

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Trent B., Calgary
April 29, 2013

We hired Enviro to remove the old tiles and, with their good advice, decided to go the extra mile and remove the 1/4 inch plywood and 3/8 inch particle board which had been glued and screwed from the previous tile gob. They did a great job with the removal and the 3/4 inch base plywood looked like new after they ground off all the old glue. They added 5/8 inch glued and screwed plywood on top of this and the floor is much more solid now. You can never completely avoid dust but it was kept minimal by the use of poly and their vacume system. They were also nice enough to help me modify a wall to fit a larger fridge, cut away back splash drywall for electrical work, and extend the floor 8 inches into the family room. This added 3.5 hours to the job but all was still done in 2 days for the tile guy who was already booked. Thanks! ~ Trent B., Calgary

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Grant McDonald – Merlot Interiors
March 20, 2013

Blair and his guys came onto our job site and accomplished exactly what they said they would do. They removed all layers of flooring and thinsets, leaving a very clean and smooth surface for the new flooring. I would use them again. Very impressed. ~ Grant McDonald – Merlot Interiors

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Mary M., Red Deer
February 25, 2013

We have a house that we are doing renovations for in Red Deer, Alberta. I found out about Enviro Surface Removers Inc., on line and gave them a call. Dealing with Blair at Enviro Surface Removers Inc., was great. They are professional and courteous. They removed the ceramic tiles from our basement, main floor and removed the hardwood flooring, along with subfloor in our loft area. Their work was top notch! They came in, did the work, and cleaned up the whole house. Their was practically no dust! We would highly recommend Enviro Surface Removers Inc. ~ Mary M., Red Deer

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Cam T., Calgary
February 25, 2013

Main floor demo of tile and linoleum flooring
Enviro Surface Removers dealt with a difficult floor to remove. Unknown subfloor condition underneath multiple layers of linoleum, brittle concrete. Homeowner was living in the house at the time of the project and Enviro did a great job of leaving the site clean at the end of each day. ~ Cam T., Calgary

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Debbie S., Calgary
February 24, 2013

I wanted to have the ceramic tile floor removed from my kitchen and bathroom and when Blair and Bob came to look at the job, they told me that it would be like a new floor when it was done with vurtually no dust. It has been a very long time that I have had a company that I hired to actually do what they said they would do. Blair, Bob & Jeremy did an AMAZING job! I was shocked at the end result, they far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend this company to anyone and I certainly will be! ~ Debbie S., Calgary

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David M, Calgary
February 20, 2013

KITCHEN BACKSPLASH REMOVAL: I needed to redo a kitchen backsplash, and removing the old tiles & thinset is a huge task. The guys from Enviro are EXACTLY the right guys for this. They did a fantastic job, and worked like crazy to have my kitchen redone in just a few hours. They removed the old tiles & thinset, installed new drywall – and did a top notch job. Even better, they left the place cleaner then when they came in, no dust & no debris!. I now have fresh smooth drywall ready to go for installing my new backsplash. Very happy with Enviro Surface Removers, highly recommended. Excellent guys, excellent work. ~ David M., Calgary

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Mia S., Okotoks, Ab
February 18, 2013

The fellows at ESR were called in on short notice to help my kitchen contractor remove a glued down K3 subfloor that had been water damaged. They came quickly to assess the job and had someone on site within two days to get the job done. They came exactly when they said they would, charged what they quoted, and the job was done perfectly. ~ Mia, Okotoks, Ab

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Shawn & Wendy MacDiarmid, Okotoks
February 2, 2013

We had the tile on the kitchen floor and front entrance removed. It ended up being a more complicated job then first thought. Once job was started it was found that the wrong material was used to adhere it to the floor in the frist place so it made removal very difficult. But Blair and his co-worker did a great job and left the house very clean. We were very happy with the results. ~ Shawn & Wendy MacDiarmid, Okotoks

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Jason, Evergreen SE, Calgary
January 29, 2013

Enviro Surface Removers removed old lino and K3 board and installed new plywood subfloor. The crew was very professional and courteous and left the house in a good state every night that they worked. When the work was more extensive than expected, the crew worked longer hours to keep on schedule. The house was left with virtually no dust and the final subfloor installation was professional and neat. No complaints from the tile installers that followed them. Sharing their experience and offering advice, guidance, and assistance with other reno projects we had on-going at the same time was also very appreciated. We were quite satisfied with the work completed and we would both use them again and recommend Enviro Surface Removers to others. ~ Jason, Evergreen SE, Calgary

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Delbert B. Aurum Ceramic Dental, Calgary
January 21, 2013

We are a leading Dental Laboratory with locations in Canada as well as the USA. Since we are FDA approved our premises must meet stringent guidelines for cleanliness to avoid contamination. Our Head Office needed to renovate the 1800 sq ft lunch room and we had a concern about the dust omission while removing the Marmoleum and adhesive down to a bare concrete floor for. We had a recommendation to use Enviro Surface Removers and are sure glad we did. They showed up right on schedule and started working right away. Even the owner stayed and worked with the crew until 10 PM as we were on a tight schedule. Their innovative equipment got the job done fast and we were impressed that the floor removal was virtually as dust free as they claimed. ~ Delbert B. Aurum Ceramic Dental Calgary.

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Suzanne Cabel, Calgary
January 4, 2013

We wanted to replace ceramic tile in our kitchen with hardwood. The job was done very well with very little mess. Three men arrived 10 minutes early and got to work right away. I thought the job would be noisier than it was. ~ Suzanne Cabel, Calgary

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Hugh Everding, Mobelwerx Kitchen & Bath, Calgary
December 20, 2012

I stumbled upon the ESR website by accident while doing some research. It turned out that they were a perfect fit for a commercial job I was doing for Lafarge.
The task at hand involved removing 30 year old 2×2 mosaic floor tile that had been covered with a green epoxy resin. In addition all eight feet of wall tile was removed along with a mish mash of thin set & mastic that was ground down to the original cinder block.

In addition I was working with an ever changing schedule that didn’t really come together until the last minute. Blair was incredibly accommodating & was one of the guys that actually came to physically do the work.Despite the fact that my project was industrial in nature, where dust mitigation wasn’t much of an issue, the system they employed was virtually “dust free”.

I will use Enviro Surface Removers for all of my future projects. ~ Hugh Everding. Mobelwerx Kitchen & Bath Ltd. Calgary.

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C. Peever, Okotoks
December 12, 2012

C. Peever, Okotoks — December 12, 2012

The team came out removed an old, engineered hardwood floor that had been glued and screwed to a plywood subfloor. it was a complete disaster before they showed up. But, they did exactly what they said they would do, were professional and courteous, cleaned up after each days work and were effective and on budget. I couldn’t be more satisfied. ~ C.Peever, Okotoks

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Richard, Impact Stone Ltd, Calgary
December 11, 2012

We required a last minute removal of a very thick multiple layered epoxy floor of about 1000 sq. We called out to 3 other companies that specialize in floor coatings removal. 2 refused and the 3rd was was way over priced. We then contacted Blair from Enviro Surface Removers. He came out within hours indicating he has never stripped an epoxy floor this nasty before but gave us a quote & we agreed to a reasonable price. He was back that night. The project took 3 times longer than first thought and they went through $600 in blades but didnt ask for anything extra. Very well done. Within budget, clean & professional.
5 Stars all around!! ~ Richard, Impact Stome Ltd., Calgary

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Raylene, Calgary
November 26, 2012

Bob and Blair from Enviro Surface Removers did a fantastic job removing the old tile from our kitchen backsplash and floor. They worked efficiently and were very clean. Their innovative system left behind virtually no dust and they cleaned to a polish what little there was. Furthermore, they were very professional and really impressed me when they came across electrical issues after tearing out the backsplash and drywall. Instead of taking the easy way and putting the new drywall overtop like the last person, they ensured an electrician came first to make things safe and legit. I would like to mention the amount of physical labour that went into removing the old tile floor as there was many layers of old flooring from past renovations. You may view a short video of the floor removal at: Lastly, they even rectified an issue that was outside what they were hired to do and in the end made our kitchen perfect and saved the face of a different company. My experience with Bob and Blair was positive and I feel very grateful. I hightly recommend Enviro Surface Removers. ~ Raylene, Calgary

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Susan S., Okotoks
November 26, 2012

Enviro Surface Removers came to the rescue and saved the day on a project my husband thought he could tackle. They finsihed the cement grinding & cleanup in our garage where we were installing a motorcycle lift. The job was done quickly and I couldn’t beleive how dustless it was compared to the mess my husband & his buddies were making. Thanks Guys. ~ Susan S., Okotoks

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Rachel – All Floors Design Center, Calgary
November 21, 2012


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R. Hill, Calgary
November 10, 2012

We were facing a difficult challenge with the back splash tile removal. The job done was excellent, done swiftly and the job done was excellent. We are very pleased with the job they did and how clean they left the kitchen and also the cost. ~ R. Hill, Calgary

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H. Carrier, Calgary
October 27, 2012

Bob and Blair arrived at the stated appointment time. They were very careful with my home and brought in mats so as not to dirty anything as it was snowing. They removed the lino from my basement bathroom and laundry room. This was a very tough job as the stuff was really glued heavily all over. They got it right down to bare concrete. They did a beautiful job. They used a specialized vaccum that captured all the debris and there was no dust or mess when they left.
They came and did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it, and for the price they said they would do it.
I was very pleased with their work and would happily reccomend them. So nice to deal with professionals who take pride in their work. ~ H. Carrier, Calgary

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Al and Kara Wallace, Calgary
October 22, 2012

Our flooring contractor contacted Enviro Surface Removers on short notice to remove the lino for the main floor renovation of our two-story home. We’re so thrilled that they were available. They called and stopped by the day before to assess the job, and took the time to explain it thoroughly. These gentlemen showed great respect for our schedule and our home. It was a challenging removal, yet their skill and attention to detail were fully evident. They took great pains to keep the dust to a minimum. Our sub-floor looks brand new! We wish you all the best, Blair and Bob, as you expand your residential portfolio. It would be our pleasure to work with you again, and we would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family. ~ Al and Kara Wallace, Calgary

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Jeanine & Kevin King, Edmonton
October 16, 2012

We had the pleasure of Enviro Surface Removers removing ceramic tile in my basement right down to the concrete. It was amazing that they did such a wonderful job and there was no dust in my house because of the equipment they used. My husband was very skeptical about the removal and the mess but was so over joyed to see the outcome. I would recommend this company for anyone who is doing removal of tile. Don’t waste your time trying to remove it yourself like we tried and in the end Enviro Surface Removers was the only way to go. Thanks again Blair and Bob for all your hard work. ~ Jeanine & Kevin King, Edmonton