Dustless Concrete Grinding & Shotblasting

Dust is the new Asbestos! Silicosis is a deadly lung disease from breathing in Silica Dust and it is not curable.

Concrete Grinding Shotblasting

Whether you need high spots ground down, slab joints levelled off, mastic or cutback adhesive removed or the paint removed so that you can install new flooring, we will show up with an experienced crew & specialized equipment to get the job done fast and do it right the first time. You won’t even know we were there. We will do the job faster and leave your home or business, as clean, or even cleaner than it was when we got there.

You won’t have to worry about breathing in deadly dust or having dust ruin your electronics, office equipment,, furniture, window coverings, etc. WE EVEN HAUL THE OLD MATERIAL AWAY WITH US WHEN WE ARE DONE!

You wouldn’t want to paint your house without doing the proper preparation first would you? Well, why would you want to do an inferior job preparing your floors? We won’t leave your floors with big gouges in them like other companies do, or leave so much dust on your walls & cabinets you can write your names on them.

WE DO THE JOB RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! We will treat your project like our own right to the very end. We go out of our way to do the job virtually dust free.

Our state of the art equipment & experienced crews are able to do:

Grind Concrete High Spots – Grind & Level Cracks in Concrete – Remove Mastics, Paint & VCT Cutback Adhesive – Tile Removal – Ceramic Tile Removal – Marble Tile Removal – Slate Tile Removal –Porcelain Tile Removal – Thinset Removal – and most all other Tile Removal

Don’t leave your Concrete Grinding & Shotblasting job to someone that has less experience & uses inferior equipment. Your home or business will be covered in dangerous & unsightly dust that could ruin your televisions, computers, electronics, shutters as well as your expensive office equipment.